It's Not Over

Well...what can I say? Have I ever really been good at keeping this thing updated?  No.  No, I have not.

This time, though, is for a good reason.  A great reason, even.

We're moving.  We're not JUST moving, we're BUYING A HOUSE!

A request for a transfer was put in, thinking that after Christmas we could start looking for a place to move to.  Someone else had another plan, I guess.

Two weeks later, before even having received the standard letter saying "We've received your transfer request and will put it under advisement" we got the call to report on 26 Sept.  Fast Forward to today, when I sent off a check for a LOT of money as earnest payment on a house.  It's been crazy.  Seriously, I think it's been exactly two weeks since the call came through.

We finally did get the letter saying that they got the transfer request, about a week after all this happened.

Things here are pretty crazy right now and will be probably until about a week after we've moved into the house.

We've been busy, on the days that we can, without that pesky work interfering, we've been taking care of things.  Getting our ducks in a row, you might say.

One of those ducks is taking care of our vehicles.  The family car is good, now.  This time it was the motorcycle.  The speedometer hasn't been working, along with some other stuff that it needs done, so David suggested that he ride behind me so that he didn't speed and get a ticket.  If you know anything about the freeways in Arizona, you know that at any given time someone is going at least 20 over and/or under the speed limit.  It gets pretty crazy.

Before we even got out of the driveway, I was in distress.

In January of this year, I was rear ended at a stop light.  My car was spun around and somehow I hit my head badly enough that I needed 22 stitches in my forehead (I'm the Boy Who Lived!). The first time I got behind the wheel was when the Traverse came home from the dealership, because someone had to drive it home. I was in distress then too.

I am in distress a lot when I'm driving in the car.  Phoenix traffic being what it is, I am ANXIOUS a lot four days a week at the tail end and the beginning of rush hour in Phoenix.

Some days are better than others.  I get to work and I have all but forgotten about what transpired while I was driving.  Coming home is another story.  There were times when I had to go a certain way, and I would get scared about the car behind me driving up as fast as they were.  Most of the time I'm good.  I'm trying more and more to NOT be watching the rear view mirror. I recognize that I'm doing it and I know it's only going to make my driving experience suck so I try really hard to not look into it unless I need to.  When I get home from work, it's easier for me to not push it away, because this is home.

Fridays and Saturdays were especially rough.  I would get home and collapse in tears into David's arms.

It is getting better though.  Until today.  Today really pushed me to the limit.  I have no trust at all that the people behind me will stop in time anymore.  Add to that the fact that my husband is on a motorcycle behind me, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Several times, I considered getting off the freeway altogether.  I stayed on, knowing that getting off wasn't going to help matters at all.  The only thing that would happen would be that David would have two cars and a stubborn hysterical woman on his hands, miles from where he needed to be and from home.

As soon as I parked though, I let it out. I cried.  Part of it was out of fear, part of it was out of frustration for feeling what I was feeling.  I hate myself when I get like that, because I know it's irrational.  OK, it's rational, but it is outside of what I would consider the norm for me pre-accident.  I'm still coming to terms with post accident Shirley.  Because while at the core they are the same, post accident Shirley is different.  She is more like 11 year old Shirley who stayed quiet and cried when someone teased her. Post accident Shirley is a scared Shirley.  BUT she's also a tough Shirley. I'm some kind of mixture of the really old me and what I was becoming already before the accident.  Does that make sense? To me, it does but it sounds crazy.

I don't want what happened in January to rule over me like it does sometimes.  Most of the times, it's almost forgotten about. The only reminder I get outside of those incidents on the freeway that set me on edge are when my scar starts to itch.  Then the wise cracks about the Dark Lord start if anyone else is around.

I did not run away from my duty today.  I didn't speak up when we left, because I hadn't figured out why I was so anxious. I also knew that this is something that needed to get done and had been put off for far too long.  Having to try and explain what the hell was going on seemed like too much.  Even once we got to the shop, when I was crying, I couldn't articulate what was wrong.  But David knows.  He understands about how freaked out I can get.  We're still learning about what triggers it, but we know that it's tied to being in the car.  Which of course can't be helped.

So moving to where we're going where the actual freeway is fairly far away, will help me out. I can't tell you how glad I am that Saturday is my last day of work, so I don't have to make that drive anymore.  Of course I'm sad that I won't get to hang out with my friends at work anymore, but there's no way around it.  This move that been in the works for a while, it just got pushed WAY ahead of our schedule (Or what we were thinking would be the schedule).

This is probably the third time I've written a blog post about this, and I'm still not sure if I'll hit publish, because most of the time I've not the strength or desire to go back and read what I've written to make sure it makes any sense at all.  

The moving of the house is beginning, And things are really about to get crazy around here.  

I can't wait.

All The Crafty Things Video Podcast Episode 3: Take 4

The week has been wrought with disasters.

OK that's OVERLY dramatic.  It's normal around here.  Get used to it.

I recorded a total of 5 videos on the day I did this.  3 were 20 minutes or longer, the fourth one was a test for sound.  Because that was the problem-no sound.

OK, Let's get into it!


Box Pouch by Melanie Ham
Box Pouch Tutorial by The Plaid Scottie

This was fun!  The tutorials were great.  I used the video to start, and then the written tutorial with pictures for a different perspective if I was finding myself getting stuck.

Consensus:  My sewing skills lack.  That's it...I've gotten better at sewing straight (a little) but the zippers kicked my ass.

Drawstring bag:

I just did the same pattern I did a few bags ago, except this time, I actually put the drawstring in! Two layers of Fabric, no interfacing.  Paracord for the drawstring.


$5 in Paris...I've named it the Slightly More than $5 in Arizona, simply because it cost about $3 for each skein of yarn and I think in the end it'll be 4 total skeins (thought I probably won't use all 4 for the sweater, and there'll be a hat to go with it.  Once I get going on the actual stripes, it'll be  something like 10 stripes of black and 2-4 stripes of the green per my daughter's request). Yarn is Caron Simply Soft in black and neon green.

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  Knit in Gherkin's Bucket Spring Step Sock in the Dream Coat colorway

Sock yarn Patchwork Blanket...I don't have a Ravelry page for it right now, but I've had those 3 squares knit like that for a LONG time, and I just keep adding leftover sock yarn skeins to it, instead of doing something with them!

Tree People Beanie by Vickie Howell. It's from the Fall Issue of Knit Simple Magazine and is knit with Paton's Classic Wool Worsted in the Plum Heather colorway. Pictures are forth coming-I'm nearly done with it!

Flax for Men by Tin Can Knits.  Knit with Patons Classic Wool Worsted in the Navy colorway on US 6 and 8 circular needles.  I am about 1/4" from casting off the bottom of the body.

Souffle Girl Socks, or the sorely ignored socks I started knitting and put aside to knit just about anything else.  Or you could just call them the forgotten socks, since that's what happened.  Knit with Deborah Norville Serenity Sock yarn in the Aquamarine colorway.

New Acquisitions:

Last in Line Shop Dairy Land bag... I LOVE IT!
Colinette Jitterbug yarn in Color 132 Fruit Coulis

Clover Wonder Clips

Summer Fun Plastic Bucket from the Dollar Tree

Fabric Stax from the sewing section in Walmart (because my last trip to JoAnn's resulted in the total being over $120 before coupons)

An Update since the Video:

My YarnBox Package arrived safely in a tube and it's pretty freaking awesome!

Movies:  I FINALLY watched Dark Places.  It's available for viewing for money on Directv.  Until it was released in theaters, it was $12.99 for a 3 day rental.  Once it came out in theaters, the price dropped to $7.99 for a 3 day rental, so I took advantage of it.  Only 3 theaters in the valley are showing it and all of them are quite a distance away, and there was no way I was going to be able to time things so I wouldn't be either hanging out in Phoenix for hours or getting home extremely late. I had been hoping it would have been showing in our local Harkins Theater, so I could go hang out by myself, but of course not.  I'll have to go hang out there alone for some other movie.  I am glad I didn't pay $12.99 for the movie, but it wasn't terrible even though Charlize Theron is tall and has no boobs which is the opposite of what Libby Day is described as in the book.

I don't even know why I bother to talk about TV, I don't pay attention to what's on the TV when it's on.  I put it on when I'm bored and alone in the house.  It's a terrible friend.

As a note here, since this is the end..My computer battery has been threatening to die on me for MONTHS.  It finally did the day I recorded this.  It barely got processed and loaded onto YouTube before the computer went kaput.  I was able to turn it on ONCE for a brief time later that day, but I have had no luck since.  I have placed an order for a new one, and it SHOULD be here tomorrow, but my record with the postal service is bad lately.  So we'll hope for the best and expect the worst.  Or something like that.

Technical Difficulties

I promise I recorded yesterday.

Mind you, it was a comedy of errors and I'm thankful that what was uploaded last night didn't involve karaoke or booze of any sort.

But it's there, in YouTube land limbo.

I sat here yesterday and did two 30 minute videos and one less than 2 minute video only to discover the sound didn't record. Once that problem was resolved, I did another short video to test the mic (probably should just do that at the start from now on), and then another video that wasn't of me miming things and shaking knitting and sewing stuff in front of the camera in silence.

Then, the unthinkable happened!

OK, I SAY unthinkable, but inevitable would probably be better. Sometime last year, I got a red warning sign about how something was wrong with my laptop battery. It eventually disappeared. Then came back. It was a vicious cycle.

I knew deep down I needed to replace the battery, but I'm lazy and cheap and bought more important things like fabric and Oreos instead.

Yesterday, right after I moved from where I recorded, I noticed the charge was disappearing rapidly on the battery and there was no indication that the laptop was even plugged in. Then the warning light came on and the whole thing shut off.

So I ordered a replacement. It should be here next week, I hope sooner though.

Once everyone is gone or asleep, I'll reach the video and write up the show notes. There's some really good stuff this week and I'm excited to get the video out for you all to see.

I am working from tablets and my phone though, so there may be posts of me pulling out my hair and screaming because I really dislike doing stuff like this from tablets and my phone.

Keep your fingers crossed!


It's Sunday!  My favorite day of the week.  This is the day I get to send the kids to bed early and sit up and do what ever I want.  Which will most likely be something like eat a bowl of cereal, because I am a bad person.

Also, I'll start getting prepped for recording tomorrow!

Lots of new stuff and different crafts!  Come check it out!

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It's Not the Doctor

Episode 2: It's Not the Doctor

August 3, 2015

WiPs or No More Test Knit:

My own pattern that I'm designing, has no name but does almost have toes. Knit on US 1.5 needles on Deborah Norville Serenity Sock yarn in the Aquamarine colorway

Hermione's Everyday Socks, by Erica Leuder. Knit on US 1.5 needles on Patons Kroy Socks in Bramble Stripes

Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman. Knit on US 1.5 needles on Deborah Norville Serenity Sock yarn in Lavendar Topaz (I had Violas on my project page, but that is a completely different colorway)

Tube Socks from Hand Knit Socks from Threads by Kathleen Taylor on size US 5 circular needles in Patons Classic Worsted yarn in the Forest colorway.

Flax by Tin Can Knits Simple Collection on size US 6 and 8 circular needles in Patons Classic Worsted yarn in the Navy Colorway

New Aquisitions:

I shopped this week at The Fiber Factory on Main Street in Mesa, AZ; Tempe Yarn and Fiber on University Drive in Tempe, AZ and Bookmans on Country Club and Southern in Mesa, AZ

Gecko Yarns Sock Weight yarn in the Fire in the Night Colorway 400 yds, 80% SW Merino 20% Nylon, machine wash, lay flat to dry

Malabrigo Yarns Sock in the Dewberry colorway

Berroco Sox Yarn by Berroco Colorway is listed as 1464, and of course Berrocco's webpage for Sox starts at 1465

Fall 2015 Knit Simple Magazine- because nothing says fall like 105 degree Mondays

I picked up a BUNCH of books, most are on my Goodreads To Read shelf:

House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III
Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy  by Douglas Adams (Book 1 in the series)
Life, the Universe and Everything  by Douglas Adams (Book 3 in the series)
The Gunslinger book 1 of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King
New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell

As Bookmans is a used book store, this was $31, and I used a store credit I had from turning in some old books of my own.

Blue Bonnet Spinning Wheels are made in Cleveland, TX and are available for purchase on Etsy.

*Disclaimer: All book links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links, all other links link to yarn companies or Etsy shop pages*


Hey there!  It's Saturday afternoon, and left over night at my house.

I am almost done with my test knit, and that's good because it's got to be done in the next couple of days.

I am VERY excited because in the next couple of days, things are going to be happening that will allow me to be able to order a SPINNING WHEEL!  I am so excited, the waiting is almost unbearable!

My wheel of choice is the Blue Bonnet Bumble Bee wheel. 

So that I am prepared, and don't have to worry right off the bat about how I don't have things that I could use, I am also going ahead and ordering the 3 bobbin Lazy Kate and 3 extra bobbins.

In the meantime, I'll be fixing up a part of the front room, where I do most of my crafting that isn't knitting or crocheting.  I'll record a video in the next couple of days and talk about what I'm going to do and what's been done.  If I don't, then it means that there's an unholy mess behind me while I'm recording.  Which is what it is right now.  Tomorrow will be my best bet for being able to start that, since the kids won't go to bed tonight and will just sit in here watching crap on the television that I don't want to watch.  I have a higher standard of crap.

As soon as the wheel gets here, though, I hope to have the area cleaned up and ready to go once the wheel is properly oiled and assembled (they obviously can't ship it already assembled from Texas, that would be crazy!).

So now I'm goofing with my computer, which I just upgraded to Windows 10 (again.  Long story), and trying to reconcile the stitches to this pattern.

I hope you're having a great weekend!  See you in a few days!