Technical Difficulties

I promise I recorded yesterday.

Mind you, it was a comedy of errors and I'm thankful that what was uploaded last night didn't involve karaoke or booze of any sort.

But it's there, in YouTube land limbo.

I sat here yesterday and did two 30 minute videos and one less than 2 minute video only to discover the sound didn't record. Once that problem was resolved, I did another short video to test the mic (probably should just do that at the start from now on), and then another video that wasn't of me miming things and shaking knitting and sewing stuff in front of the camera in silence.

Then, the unthinkable happened!

OK, I SAY unthinkable, but inevitable would probably be better. Sometime last year, I got a red warning sign about how something was wrong with my laptop battery. It eventually disappeared. Then came back. It was a vicious cycle.

I knew deep down I needed to replace the battery, but I'm lazy and cheap and bought more important things like fabric and Oreos instead.

Yesterday, right after I moved from where I recorded, I noticed the charge was disappearing rapidly on the battery and there was no indication that the laptop was even plugged in. Then the warning light came on and the whole thing shut off.

So I ordered a replacement. It should be here next week, I hope sooner though.

Once everyone is gone or asleep, I'll reach the video and write up the show notes. There's some really good stuff this week and I'm excited to get the video out for you all to see.

I am working from tablets and my phone though, so there may be posts of me pulling out my hair and screaming because I really dislike doing stuff like this from tablets and my phone.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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