Well, That Escalated Quickly

About four weeks ago, the phone rang.

It was no death knell, but, damn, it was a whopper.

A few weeks prior to this call, my husband had put in paperwork for a transfer request for work.  Usually, these things take time, and since we were planning on being ready to move when our lease was up next June, he thought he'd get the transfer duck lined up and ready, since besides some place to live that was the most important thing on the list.

We were basically waiting for that ever important note stating that the request for a transfer had been received and was being reviewed when this call came in.

What the caller on the other line said was that the transfer had been approved, and it could happen either on this one day in September or another day two weeks later than that.  The husband chose the two weeks later date.

That set a lot in motion.  Most importantly, that set me on a path that sent me to give a two weeks notice to work.  Which was hard.  I liked where I was working and who I was working with.  We had fun.  And it was for like 3 years or something. 

That also set the hunt for a place to live in motion, and deciding exactly WHERE we wanted to live. We had a good idea of where we wanted to move to, but also had to take into consideration commute times and things of that nature.

Strangely enough, the week before we had gone to look at houses, just to look, thinking that next year we could be living there.  We went that day to look again, and made arrangements to see some places the next week (this was the ONLY day of the week we were able to this).  In the next few days, we also made arrangements to see more houses in a town that was almost an hour east of there.  And we talked.  We talked and talked and made some decisions.  The biggest one being WHERE exactly we wanted to live and where he'd like to drive all that way from.

We went to the town that his job is in, and while we saw some great places there (there was an awesome house that had carpet in the kitchen AND red counter tops, a bar with a mirrored wall and a bathroom shared by the master bedroom and another bedroom (can you imagine my daughter sharing a bathroom with my husband!  HA that would have made for some funny shit!)), it wasn't where our heart was.  To us it was like we'd be settling for living there just because it was close to work.

We ended up settling on a town that's about 90 minutes from work.  We found a lot of places to choose from (our very favorite was not in the cards for us and I won't say I wasn't worry we couldn't end up buying it.  A neighbor that was referred to as Crazy Jenny on our ride home who's house was about 10 ft away.  NO.  Just no.)

Before leaving to go look at all these houses, our real estate agent got a call about a house that was literally just put on the market.  It wasn't even in the system yet.  We went and looked at that one, and at the end of the day, that was the home we fell in love with.

It's been a crazy ride and it's going to get crazier still, but we're almost there. 

We're almost HOME.