All of the Things


Yeah.  I'm still alive.

Getting the internet at the new house is like pulling teeth. Only I think I could get all of my teeth pulled faster than I can get the internet at my new house.

I'm working on it. I'm also still working on putting the house together. It's taking time.

The biggest change we're dealing with is the weather! It gets so cold here! Like bonkers cold compared to what we're used to.

We had SNOW one day. It was pretty cool to wake up to a white covered yard. Until I went outside in it.

The whole experience has been wonderful.  Even on the days when I ended up in tears because I hadn't gone off of the property (or had even left the house) for days. I'm out most of the days of the week, even if it's only to drop the kids off and pick them up from the bus stop.

I'm baking again, and doing most of the cooking, as usual. Especially with temps getting down into the 30's and lower. It just gets to be too much work to cook on the grill. And a lot too cold.

We have great neighbors and we're getting some great neighbors soon, too. It's all very exciting.

As far as crafting goes, I finished my FLAX sweater! It fits perfectly, and looks nice, even though you can plainly see there are two different dye lots. It actually got worn out to hunt for rabbits a few days ago.

I made some hats, and am making more hats for the boys. Oh and I finally finished my daughter's mittens! They match her acrylic yarn worsted weight socks. A blanket is in the works and should be finished soon, and I started another, a knit zig zag blanket.  All in an effort to stave off the cold of the winter that's feeling more and more like it's already here!

Right now, my life is scheduled in such a way that I have time to be here once or twice a week to blog, until I can get the internet set up at home, Hopefully that actually happens instead of me getting sucked into all the books available in the library! 

Pictures soon!