Et Voila!

According to the battery readout on my laptop, I have 42 minutes of battery life left. For some reason, recently, it hasn't been reading that it's actually plugged in. It does have power, as it's plugged in right now, but...whatever.

OK, so my biggest problem since moving (besides that one freak out I had about not having a car and being able to do things I needed to do) has been the internet.  See, we were told that two weeks after we made the appointment a tech would be here to install phone and internet.  That didn't happen. According to Frontier, the appointment was made 3 weeks after that initial call.

Fast forward to the actual install date, and I find out that we can't have internet installed here, just the phone.  Apparently the area can't handle more than a certain amount of high speed internet set ups (through that company), and no one thought to say, "Hey. There's a chance you may not get internet, but we can turn the phone on for you right now."

Instead they let me wait.  When I called to inquire about possibly getting an ETA on the tech, they said no internet, but we can turn on the phone.  Well, hell.  Why wasn't the phone on for the last two weeks then, people??

Total ridiculousness.

Yesterday, the problem was solved.  Only one person on the block has wi-fi. In certain parts of the house, we can get that internet connection. But there hasn't been a reason for me to say, hey lemme get in on that.  Until yesterday: my daughter went to use their printer (ours won't stay connected to the laptop or computer-another bad connection. I am sensing a pattern), and took my laptop which they graciously connected to their wi-fi.

The problem now is, I can get a good signal in the laundry room or in one of the boy's rooms. I'm sure he'll love that. He hardly comes out of his room unless he's eating or watching TV anymore. I can't say much, as I sit on my ass a lot in the house.

Not that I'm not busy. I spend entire days cleaning the house top to bottom and shopping.  I deserve the time I take to sit on my butt.

Now that I have a connection to the internet in the house available occasionally, I can post regularly and actually have pictures of stuff. Which reminds me, I need to get the camera up and running. I found it at the bottom of my knitting basket and I think it still has pictures or videos on the SD card.

My husband is going hunting tomorrow, so LOTS has been getting knitted up for him to take with him. A blanket I finished long before we moved specifically for this hunt, socks, hats and the famous sweater.

I'm running errands today and tomorrow before he goes, so look for something on Wednesday! I'm very excited about all the stuff that's been going on around here and can't wait to share it with you all!

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