Happy New Year!

As I said on one of the boards on the Geeky Girls Knit Ravelry Group, I was doing better on the last day of the year completing my crochet/knit goals than I did for most of the year.

But really, I didn't finish much to be honest.  I worked on some stuff though.

For instance, there was a pair of Super Simple Short Socks that I started in March of 2015.  The first sock took all of an hour to finish.  No idea why I didn't immediately cast on and finish the second sock! Only thing I can think of is that I had bouts of times during the year when I was casting on like a demon and then just left most of it and cast on other stuff instead of picking things back up again.

I DID however finish my Souffle Girl Socks by C.C. Almon of the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast.  Of course, I don't have pictures.  My daughter took them as soon as all the ends were weaved in

I made the heels on my Socks on a Plane socks, by Lala's Knits of the Knit Girllls podcast.

I have also started a pair of Honeycomb fingerless gloves by Tin Can Knits. These are for my Oldest Boy, who will turn 17 in 3 days.  This means that 17 years ago today, I was going home from the hospital, only to return a day and a half later to give birth...It's a LONG story that starts on Thanksgiving of 1998 and goes until Elvis's birthday in 1999, when the kid was born.  I finished one yesterday and he really likes it and keeps bothering me about the second one.  Like I'm Molly Weasley and can just let the needles sit and work while I'm scrubbing toilets.  I'm half done with the cuff. If I wasn't feeling as awful as I am, I'd absolutely have it done by the time he got home.  Having slept as awfully as I did, I'm not sure my brain will remember where I left the project last night when I tried to go to sleep.

This year, I am also participating in the Knit From Stash KAL from the Addicted to Sock Knitting Group. This is a Facebook event, and all the information about the patterns can be found at that link. The first pattern is Espalier by Heatherly Walker. Strangely enough, the yarn called for in the pattern is Phydeaux Chaussette, which happens to be my first yarn from Yarnbox last year.  I believe the colors we got in our boxes were exclusive (at the time, at least), My colorway was Myrddin, which is green, blue, yellow, brown and completely awesome!

I cast on the second sock for the Super Simple Short Sock pattern, and as usual, I've lost the damn bag and been working on everything else instead.

I also cast on CC's Vanilla Cappuccino socks with Cascade Heritage Prints, which are striping up nicely.

OH! And I finished the Camo worsted weight tube socks! Sure they were really late, but still.  They're pretty awesome and have gotten worn a lot around the house in the afternoons.

Since we've moved, just about everyone in the house has developed a cough. It's currently my turn.  Despite the cough and feeling poorly, I still tackled the house yesterday with everyone else gone. It was very nice to have the floor not need to be swept 14 times during the day. It's been snowy and cold, and there's one side of the house that doesn't get as much sun as everywhere else, so the snow is STILL there and of course we have been over there a lot for various reasons, so there was constantly mud on everyone's shoes, which led to mud being everywhere in the house no matter what.  Last night, as you know what awful for me. I kept waking up choking and finally just slept on the couch so I could be elevated more.  Which didn't work that well, since I was awake a LOT.

I took my husband to his ride to work and came home to sleep for 90 minutes. Now here I am writing a blog and watching podcasts

Now, though, I need to go figure out where the cuff is for those Honeycomb mitts!