Promises, Promises

I know.   I know.

I keep saying I'm going to update this more often.  But I don't.  Not having reliable internet/cellphone coverage is a pain in the butt!

Case in point:

A few days ago, I got it all-good internet and cellphone.  Voila! There's a message, a voicemail message mind you, on visual voicemail...From December 2015.  Seriously.  I try to update that as much as possible when I am in town, but it obviously isn't working correctly.  I think I'm going to have to get rid of that as my default voicemail thing.

We have been really busy too, as a family.  My husband took the first two week vacation he's taken in over 10 years. He spent a few days in San Diego with his sister to see her son graduate from US Marine Corps boot camp. When they got back, we all went to see Star Wars.  I saw more that time than I did from the front row for Christmas when we treated ourselves to an early holiday.

We installed a wood stove in the house.  It's pretty sweet.  The previous owners had it outside and asked if I wanted them to leave it.  I said Sure! Thinking we'd end up re-purposing it or something.  Then our pellet stove went out and it is going to cost $63 for this teeny part to fix it. So we went without for a while, just relying on our electric heater.  Which of course drove our bill up over $300.

So the wood stove was finally put in.  It's nice, especially today when it is so cold!

We had a LOT of help with the installation and just basic information from our awesome neighbors! I keep telling them, "I come from a place where you peek out the window at your neighbors moving in and that's about it! We're not used to being able to talk with our neighbors like this!"

It's very nice having good neighbors. Especially ones with their own little farms! We've learned a lot from them, and it's very nice to hear, "Hey, send the kids over and we can show them how to do...."

My daughter spend a day with the neighbor helping with their holiday baking. She's spend days working with the animals with our other neighbors.

We send the boys out, "Hey, go see if they can help you with this"

And in turn, the neighbors know we have three young able bodied teens in the house and they can call and have them sent over for whatever.  My son spent some time helping collect wood for the neighbors.

Now that we're out getting our own wood, he goes out there with dad, cutting down and collecting old trees for the house.  I think we've all learned how to cut wood with a chainsaw now, and I know that the kids spent hours chopping up wood with saws and an ax.

In crafty news...I've cast on a bunch of socks.  One of them is my own design, which is looking pretty nice right now, and I haven't gotten to the heel yet.  What I have gotten with that pair of socks is a broken needle!  And I think all of my other needles that are size 1 have something on them so I have to either finish something or put it on waste yarn.

I finished some vanilla socks for my SIL, which I promptly forgot when we went down to her house.

 I made a Doctor Who Beanie!  My first color work project ever!  It was a lot of fun to make.  That's going to be for my friend that just moved in a few miles from us. It's all acrylic yarns.  The blue is Red Heart Super Saver in Royal, the white is Lion Brand Yarns Vanna's Choice in White, and the black is also Vanna's Choice. It just needs to have the ends weaved in and then I can gift it away.  I can tell that I pulled more on some of the strands than the others, particularly the white windows, but I'm hoping that it'll become less noticeable after the ends are done and the hat is washed.

 One sock is done for my January Knit from Stash KAL. It's done in Phydeaux Yarns Chaussette in the Myrddin colorway. I just found the leftovers of the skein so I'll have to start in on the second one very soon.

In honor of the passing of Alan Rickman, I began Snape's Stockings by Erica Leuder. The yarn is Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Sock yarn in the aquamarine colorway. I've always enjoyed Alan Rickman's work, particularly his go as Professor Snape, and at the time, it felt like the right thing to do.

This picture here is a few weekends ago, mid-January. We were getting ready to go pick up my husband from his sister's house and this is what it looked like outside.  Most of it had fallen the night before, in fact, we had to clean of the dish a few times because it got so full of snow it couldn't get a signal from the satellite. This is showing our 'driveway' from the front porch.

THIS is one of the surprises I got when everyone came back from San Diego.  It's really weird.  I usually get myself men's tee shirts with crew necks.  All my women's tees are v-necks, so I wasn't sure if it was going to fit. It does!  I haven't gotten to wear it out yet, because no matter what we're doing or where we go, I always end up a mess and I don't want to ruin it, like I did my favorite pair of pants (Primer on the wall that kept dripping on me and I kept leaning on or touching accidentally is permanently everywhere on my pants). Also given to me once we returned home was a Red Ryder BB gun, just like Ralphie's from A Christmas Story.

So, that's it for now.  Besides all this stuff, we're painting (just primer, really) still unpacking stuff, and I'm casting on projects like a maniac.  Why? Because I keep forgetting about the 32 I've already got going!

Have a great week and Happy Crafting!