The Weekend

Finally, it's Saturday.

That doesn't make much difference around here.  All we're doing at home is cleaning up so we can go out and get more wood for the wood stove this winter. So it's chores, chores, chores.

Add into that having to go into town twice at two different times of day-so I can't just do both errands at once, and you've got a helluva day.  The best thing is, it's Saturday, so traffic isn't horrendous.

And I'm doing super duper adult type things, like paying the mortgage and stuff.  Whooo. Hoo.

Craftwise, I'm sitting here working on a Classic Cuffed Hat, by Purl Soho. I'm using Patons Classic Wool Worsted in Vibrant Orange. Currently doing the ribbing so I'm on size US 5, 3.75mm needles, getting close to switching to size US 8, 5 mm.

Just as I was ready to cast on for a Flax Sweater, I remembered that NaKniSweMo starts on Tuesday. So I put that aside for now, even though I'm on a deadline-I hope it'll help me get it done by the time I need to, since it's going to be worn starting on December 10-ish.

My pattern currently in testing is just about ready for release. If I'm correct, I might be able to get it released on Halloween- a whole day earlier than planned.

I had an awesome moss stitch hat pattern that I was working on, but I lost my place doing the decreases so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it out for release like I want to.

I am also working on a cowl, which SHOULD be ready for testing soon, plus matching mitts, which will be my first pattern with a gusset.  They're going to be part of an e-book set of three patterns.

In real life stuff, like I said, we're stocking up on wood for the winter, and working on other things around the house.  Like trying to get rid of this darn mouse that's evading all the traps we set.  Seriously, I was using the bathroom this morning and it skittered across the room next to the toilet.  Hello!  Good morning!

Soon, my daughter will be 15 (yay!), we've gotten her some pretty cool presents that she'll love.  On top of that on the same day is my 20th wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but at the same time, it feels like we've been married forever.

Also, I've been thrift store shopping with my friend.  I was able to get some comic books and a hardcover copy of E.M. Nathanson's The Dirty Dozen for $1.50.  These will make great Christmas presents for the boys. My daughter will get leggings. But none of those LulaRoe leggings...I just cannot.  Really cannot.  As much as I would love leggings with those designs, I cannot see paying over $20 for leggings when I can buy leggings at Wal-Mart for less than $4.

Alright kids, I have about 1.5" of ribbing to do before I can just knit, knit, knit this hat into being finished.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hickory Dickory

There's a mouse in the house.  Nothing new, we had them last year.  They were all evicted. This one, however is a little more cagey than the ones we have dealt with previously. Every trap we have set, it has evaded. It's freaking me out a little. But we're on our way to making it a not happy environment for mice so hopefully, this will be taken care of soon.

On to better things though...

We're less than a week from the release of my pattern Highlighters. It's a fun, quick knit that's great for beginners that want to practice knitting and purling and making a ribbing.  Look for it on November 1!

While that's in testing, I've been working on a cowl and a hat.  I've also been wracking my brain about a set of mittens or fingerless mittens that have a gusset. It won't be the usual mitten pattern though, which is what all the brain wracking is about-besides the fact that I've never written a pattern for a gusset.

The cowl is a much easier pattern- I just have to finish knitting my sample before putting it out for testing. The hat is a little more difficult for me, as I'm jumping ahead to the decreases and how those are going to be worked out.

Somewhere in all that, though, I have to make a hat and a sweater. I'm probably sticking with the Flax pattern for the sweater and the hat is going to be the Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho, without the pom pom, since it's a hat for hunting. The sweater is smaller than the one that I made last year, which is cool, because I am REALLY late in starting on it and need to have it done by the beginning of December.  The yarn was all delivered earlier this week... thankfully the dye lots of the sweater yarn all match. My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I started dancing around...Then I explained that this sweater won't be two different shades of the same color like his is.

The bottom line is, my craft life should be about getting my boys ready for their hunting trip, but my brain wants me to make new things. So I'm trying to do both and also there's a project that I am working on, Jennika by Melody's Makings. It's full of cables and twists and is just looking beautiful.

Now, I'm going to sit here and try to knit a gauge swatch for Flax instead of knitting this super awesome hat that's been jumping around my brain for a while.  Wish me luck!

This Post Has No Title...

As I am sitting here in my living room listening to the rain, I am grateful. Completely and absolutely grateful.  Grateful that I am no longer outside.

The rain was coming down...naturally as soon as I touched the door knob to go outside.  I am glad though that there isn't any water in my shoes this time.

My last trip in the rain was not pretty.  I ended up being so soaked that the next day, the car seats were still wet the next morning.  It was hysterical.  We were stuck outside for a few minutes, trying to move as fast as we could, but we had these huge carts full of stuff in pouring down rain.

Today was close, but my feet stayed dry.  I only needed to hang up my hoodie this time.

But home now I am.  And I have got some ideas!

I have a pattern in testing right now that's close to being released. I had planned to have a whole set by the end of the year, but I got an idea for some other stuff and I've kind of slacked on working on everything else.

Keep an eye out for the Highlighters pattern that will be released the morning of November 1. I'm very excited about it as it's my first pattern that's gone through testing.

BUT, currently I'm working on a hat pattern.  This might be the first one that I'm going to do with 100% wool, with fun colors and possibly a big pom pom.  IF I can find a pom pom maker-because I'm terrible at making pom poms with out one.  I have a small one and a medium one...I just need to find a large one somewhere.

Hopefully this one will work out as well as my Bass Ackwards hat did.  That was a lot of fun.  Its just the one size, but eventually I hope to be able to figure out the math to do other sizes so the decreases are done correctly. I'd especially like to see it in a beanie size, instead of just the slouch.

I've found a place where people will volunteer to test patterns and actually give feedback and pictures. So I'm very excited about that.

Well, it's that time when the house is waking up. I'm going to sit back and work on this hat that's been bugging my brain for days and get the kids all up and ready for school-because that doesn't stop even when they're in high school!


I've been thinking..

A dangerous pasttime.

I know.

Sorry!  Every time I say I've been thinking, in my head, I start singing the Gaston song from Beauty and the Beast.

Since I haven't been able to login regularly, because of the internet situation out here, I was blogging in Microsoft Word. There's a whole thing where you can compose blog posts and then hook up to the interwebs and put them online.

So I had about 10 posts that I had done, including one where I made Ree Drummond's Perfect Potato Soup and instead of pepper I started seasoning it with cinnamon. It was lovely!  I managed to save the soup, and it had an extra little flavor to it.

Then, I got this wonderful idea to get Windows 10 the hell off of my computer and go back to warmth and comfort of the very familiar Windows 7 Professional.

And I screwed everything up.  I ended up deleting all the files and basically setting the computer back to day 1 of Windows 10...Because it kept telling me that my back up discs weren't working or were blank.  Which is BS because I've used them before.

Anyway... We're still stuck in this abyss where the phone company doesn't want to spend the money to upgrade their stuff to be able to bring the internet to all of their customers, and the satellite company offers what amounts to a pittance of MB in a home where there are three teenagers with smart phones.

So what I've been doing is this. I set up my new cellphone as a mobile hotspot. Can you believe that I had it set up and my daughter, who gets 6 GB of high speed internet on her phone had the audacity to ask me for the password to my hotspot so she could go online on the home pc?  This, folks, is 14.

Now, I've reopened up my Etsy shop. There are currently stitch markers and a pattern up for sale. The pattern came from an idea I got during the Geeky Girls Knit Gilmore Girls KAL. I saw a picture of Lorelai with a grey hat on and while I couldn't clearly see the hat, and have no idea which episode or season it was from, I decided I'd make this hat. It's mostly purls and slipped knit stitches, but it's pretty cool.

While we're on that subject, I'm going to be working on different sizes of the hat and also re-working the knitted wrist warmer pattern, for dpns or magic loop, so there won't be any sewing at the end.

So, lets talk crafty stuff!

I've been participating in lots of KALs and CALs and in fact am in the midst of a big one right now. It's the Mystery Blanket K/CAL with Joann Fabrics and Crafts and Bernat Yarns.  It's a lot of fun. We're in week 2 now, and seriously I've only done one pattern repeat.

Because of course I'm sick!  It has really messed up my week, and I've only been down for 2 days.

Also, I'm participating in the Expression Fiber Arts K/CAL on their Ravelry group. It's been lots of fun. I did one crochet hat and one knit hat.  I'm working on my second crochet hat as part of a gift for someone. If you're not a member, you should go join.  EFA has some lovely looking yarns for sale.  The kind that just want to make you say, "Shut up and take my money!"

Tuesday, October 18 starts another great K/CAL with Melody's Makings Jennika! It's looking to be a great time for everyone.  We're all very excited to start and sharing pictures of which yarns we'll be using on the Melody's Makings Facebook group.

This week, before the sickness knocked my on my rear, I finally was able to make it out to visit my closest local yarn shop, The Yarn Garden.  It's a lovely little shop with some great yarns at great prices.  I walked out with two balls of Berlini Merino Velvet Sock yarn, which is SOOO soft. I also picked up some Berlini Palisades, which is a DK weight yarn, and a ball of Ice Yarns Pure Alpaca, which is also a DK weight yarn.  Honestly, though, they both look sort of heavy to me.  That may just be because I want them to be worsted... or because the project I'm going to use them for calls for worsted and I'm all, who cares! I want the hat in these colors, dammit!

This is getting long, and since I'm sure one of the kids at least will be up soon, because that's how it is, I'm going to go.

I'll be charging the batteries in my camera and begin posting photos with projects and things, but keep an eye out, because I'm back!