Hickory Dickory

There's a mouse in the house.  Nothing new, we had them last year.  They were all evicted. This one, however is a little more cagey than the ones we have dealt with previously. Every trap we have set, it has evaded. It's freaking me out a little. But we're on our way to making it a not happy environment for mice so hopefully, this will be taken care of soon.

On to better things though...

We're less than a week from the release of my pattern Highlighters. It's a fun, quick knit that's great for beginners that want to practice knitting and purling and making a ribbing.  Look for it on November 1!

While that's in testing, I've been working on a cowl and a hat.  I've also been wracking my brain about a set of mittens or fingerless mittens that have a gusset. It won't be the usual mitten pattern though, which is what all the brain wracking is about-besides the fact that I've never written a pattern for a gusset.

The cowl is a much easier pattern- I just have to finish knitting my sample before putting it out for testing. The hat is a little more difficult for me, as I'm jumping ahead to the decreases and how those are going to be worked out.

Somewhere in all that, though, I have to make a hat and a sweater. I'm probably sticking with the Flax pattern for the sweater and the hat is going to be the Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho, without the pom pom, since it's a hat for hunting. The sweater is smaller than the one that I made last year, which is cool, because I am REALLY late in starting on it and need to have it done by the beginning of December.  The yarn was all delivered earlier this week... thankfully the dye lots of the sweater yarn all match. My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I started dancing around...Then I explained that this sweater won't be two different shades of the same color like his is.

The bottom line is, my craft life should be about getting my boys ready for their hunting trip, but my brain wants me to make new things. So I'm trying to do both and also there's a project that I am working on, Jennika by Melody's Makings. It's full of cables and twists and is just looking beautiful.

Now, I'm going to sit here and try to knit a gauge swatch for Flax instead of knitting this super awesome hat that's been jumping around my brain for a while.  Wish me luck!

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